The Really Simple Secret to Success

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power thinking for success

The really simple secret to success is in your mind. That is the secret hiding in plain sight. People will say, “Stop! You’re wasting my tiime!” But I’m not. Just keep reading.

To be successful, you need to be holding the thoughts of success, always, every day.

Are you stressed about money? You’re not holding the thoughts of success.

Are you frustrated and angry about your life? You’re not holding the thoughts of success.

Are you worried about the state of the world? You’re not holding the thoughts of success.

If you truly want success, you need to closely monitor the thoughts that seek your attention. Toss out the others. Don’t focus any attention on thoughts that are not leading you somewhere you are choosing to go. This is easy to say but challenging to do.

Become an observer of your thoughts. Remember, the battlefield is in your mind.

Notice how you feel right now. Are you feeling sad? What were you just thinking about? I guarantee you were thinking thoughts that released chemicals and made you feel sad. It’s your choice. You chose to feel sad. Own it and then change it and move on.

You can make this case for any feeling you are now feeling. You chose it by giving your attention to the thoughts that created that feeling. You can now choose to keep thinking these thoughts or to change your thoughts and move on to more fruitful grounds.

Feelings are really just chemicals released by the thoughts you choose to think. You can chose to be happy. You can chose to be successful. The power to create any life you want is inside you, in your mind. You really are what you think about. It’s not just a book title. It’s real.

So if you want to be successful start right now. Choose thoughts of success. Choose thoughts of happiness. Choose the way you want your life to look and then follow that path. If you are just starting out, this planner will help.

Stay on the bright side!


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