Week 1

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Ok, I paid my $1 and and joined the Master Key Experience. I don’t know too much about it yet other than it seems like a lot of work!! I don’t mind the work if I see results though, so time will tell if it’s worth the effort. 

Week 1 involves some prep work like buying supplies and copies of the required reading. I already had all the supplies in my office so that was easy. I already read all the books required for the program so I just had to find them on my bookshelf, so that was easy too.  Then I had to set up a blog on a website. I already had that too, waiting for me. I set up this website two years ago but had other work to do first so it was sitting here waiting for me. Hmmm, is the Universe telling me something?

So now I’m situated and doing my week 1 tasks. The blogs are part of the tasks. One blog each week. So far, so good. I’m excited to be starting!

See you in week 2!


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