The Equation For Success

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How to Think

No one teaches us how to think. This is probably one of the most important skills to use for reaching our potential and living the life we want to live and it isn’t taught. Some lucky people stumble across this skill on their own and achieve great success but most people don’t. Most people fail to reach their full potential and I believe a big reason is that they never learned how to think for success. The Master Key Program is a tool to use to learn how to think for success and live the life we choose to live.

The equation for success is something to think about as you embark on this 26 week course. If you understand this equation, you will be well on your way to your greatest potential.

C is Current

C = all there is, was, or ever will be. All the possibilities. All the power, infinite amounts,  and we can call this the Current. Also sometimes called the Ether. It is all around us and within us. Like a fish in water, we are in the Current or Ether and the Current or Ether is in us and all around us and contains all the possibilities. We exist in this Matter of all Potential Possibilities. This is the C in the equation.

E is Energy

E = Energy, the Energy that we pull down from the Current. Picture plugging in your toaster. Your toaster is pulling down some energy to enable it to perform its job. The Energy it pulls down is not all the energy in the Current. Your neighbor has a toaster and is pulling down Energy. All the neighbors on your block are pulling down some Energy for their toasters. Everyone in your city, state, country and world are all pulling down some of this Energy but it’s still not all there is of this Energy. The dishwashers lights, computers, heaters, etc, in all the world are all also pulling down Energy from this Current.

So the Current is Unlimited, Infinite Amounts of Possibilities. The Energy is what we pull down for our personal use. How much can we pull down? The amount available is infinite but how much is actually available to us? That depends on the R and every person has their own amount of R. R is individual and unique to the person. R also fluctuates. What is R?

R is Resistance

R = Resistance  The amount of the Energy that we can use is divided by the Resistance. The bigger the amount of the Resistance, the smaller is the amount of the Energy that we can utilize to accomplish what we desire.

What is Resistance? Resistance is anything negative. Anything that will cause a drag in our momentum or movement. Fear contains an enormous amount of drag which acts like an anchor thrown out from a boat. There is no movement with an anchor attached. There is no movement when Fear is attached to our thoughts. Fear is one of the biggest walls to our movement into our Desires.

Negative Thinking

Another enormous drag on our movement is Negative Thoughts. Negative Thinking is the default mode of Thinking. It doesn’t take any effort. Negative Thoughts are easy to think. Positive Thinking takes more effort. Energy has to be added to the thinking process to move the thoughts into the Positive Realm. Positive Thoughts contain some of the Ether. Negative Thoughts do not. Negative Thinking shows us that the Ether is missing.

Negative Thinking interferes with pulling down Current from all the Possibilities. Our Possibilities shrink in direct proportion to the amount of Resistance we apply to our Thinking.

Fear, Anger, Negative Thinking, Hatred, Violence, etc. all cause Resistance to our movement towards our Desires.

Positive Thinking

The opposite is like the wind in our sails. Confidence, Peacefulness, Happiness, Positive Thoughts, Gratitude, Love, etc. all connect us to the Current and allow the greatest amount of Energy to be pulled down into our realm of existence. In this environment, the least amount of Resistance occurs. The least amount of drag occurs which means we can move farther and faster towards our Desires.

“We think in secret and it comes to pass. Environment is but our looking glass.” The environment we live in, in this exact moment, what we see when we wake up, is the world we created for ourselves by what we were thinking in the past. Our thoughts affect us. They aren’t really a secret because our reality is visable all around us.

Our current environment was created by our past Thoughts. Our future environment will be created by our current Thoughts. What we think does matter. It actually matters exponentially. Gratitude does count. Being Happy does count. Loving your neighbor like yourself does count. We weren’t told these things to make our lives harder. We were told these things to help us reach our greatest Desires.

What is Your Greatest Desire?

What do you want? What is your greatest Desire? Write it down! This Desire really is a Possibility. It can be achieved and achieved even faster by decreasing the Resistance that is holding you back from moving into it. Start today to decrease all the Resistance in your Reality. Start with your thoughts. Your actions will follow your thoughts. Your Reality will follow your actions. Begin moving yourself into your greatest Desire and Be Happy. Choose Success. Choose Gratitude. Choose Love.

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