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Success begins with a thought. Where does the thought originate? How does the thought create the reality? How can we learn how to think better? These are all questions, that when asked, begin the search for truth. The search begins with the asking. This search is not for everyone. Some people are content to never know. The Power Thinking for Success website is for the person who is just starting out on this quest for knowing. The quest begins with the questions.

The mission of this website is to “Change the vibration of the world, one thought at a time.” A big mission you might say. Yes it is and how will it be accomplished? One of my favorite quotes gives us the roadmap we need to succeed in this mission. 

“Are you in earnest? 

Seize this very minute;

what you can do or dream you can do, begin it!

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it;

Only engage and the mind grows heated;

Begin and the work will be completed.”


So, with that in mind, the mission begins. I dreamt the dream and now I’m seizing the minute and beginning, taking the step into the dream. This website will be a study in thinking. Thinking causes vibrations and vibrations cause events. If we want to change events, we have to change our thinking. 

Together we can change the vibration of the world, one thought at a time. Together we can change events. Study takes work but the work is well worth the effort. This is the type of work that will pay dividends our whole lives if we will give it the effort it requires.

The work will consist of reading and thinking. Truth has always been true, all through the ages. Many enlightened people have put the results of their thinking into books for the posterity of future generations. We can begin by studying them. 

I recommend starting the study with a classic, “The Master Key.” The Master Key has 28 chapters with key tasks to do in each chapter. The tasks will help us build the muscle for first controlling and then directing our thoughts. 

This book was started as a correspondence course in the beginning of the 2oth century, around 1910. Surprisingly, all the information is still applicable today. Truth has a knack for always being applicable. One chapter a week was delivered for study and practice each week. So that’s what we will do with the material, one chapter a week.

Haanel also gives techniques for meditation. We will combine Haanel’s techniques with Jose Silva’s techniques. Jose Silva spent his life teaching people how to connect with their inner guidance. I believe he explained and taught this method the best. Where Haanel teaches meditation we will also include methods from Jose Silva.

After completing Haanels study, choose any other author who seems to nudge you. They all have so much to offer and we will study each, one thought at a time.

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