About Me

Welcome To Power Thinking for Success

Welcome to Power Thinking for Success! I hope you enjoy this website as much as I enjoyed developing it for you. My goal for Power Thinking for Success is to hand over to you all the tools you need to make your dreams come true. These tools have been used for thousands of years by the lucky few who knew the “secrets”. These are the secrets to success that have been hiding in plain view, easily seen only by the few who were ready to achieve success. You are here so you must be ready to change your life. You did not get here by accident. It is time to change your thinking into power thinking for success.

My Story

There is a song by The Doors with the line, “No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.” That line seemed to be my motto. Why did I work extremely hard and never get ahead? I watched others achieve their dreams while I just seemed to work harder and harder without achieving mine. I seemed to always have too many bills and not enough paycheck to cover them. My dreams began to feel unattainable and little by little they started to fade away until I had no dreams. I felt like I was on track, going around in circles, faster and faster but never really getting anywhere. This was not how I wanted to live my life. I was looking for something I was missing that was blocking my success.

I found that something in a book. This one book led to several more authors and many more books. In these books, I found the reason I worked so hard but was never as successful as I wanted to be. I began to change my life into the life I really wanted to live. I resigned from my job and stayed home with my younger children. Next, I sold my house and found the house of my dreams. Several years later, I sold that house for a profit and found the property of my dreams. I started to achieve all the things I wanted to achieve that previously were always just out of my reach.


Once I realized this secret and started changing my life, something started to bother me. Why were these “secrets” not taught in grammar school or high school or even college. I wondered how could I have gone through so many years of school and never learn how to think for success. Thinking is never systematically taught in schools and it is the first tool we all need to be successful. That thought led to the creation of this website. I want to give others the tools I found that led to all the changes in my life. I want to help others to change their lives and pursue their dreams.

The Goal Of Power Thinking for Success

Power Thinking for Success contains all the tools you need to develop your thinking and plan your future. These are the tools that seem to hide in plain view for people to overlook. Learn these tools and change your life. That is the goal of this website, to enable you to change your life. Learn how to live the life you truly want to live, and then teach your children to do the same. Join me in this quest to change the world, one thought at a time.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to respond.

May the rest of your life be the best of your life!

Veronica McCarthy