Week 6

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Week 6 is all about DMP frustration! I know my definite major purpose and I have my goals figured out and written out. I just can’t seem to put it all in a way that the MK program and guides accept. For now, I’m going to just leave my DMP as it is and continue on with the course. It almost made me want to quit but then I remembered that if you have a negative thought, it’s probably an old subconscious program running. So instead, I thought I would shelf the DMP change for now and continue with working on my goals.

Besides the DMP issues, I love the program! I am seeing a lot of positive results in all aspects of my life. My goals are being worked on daily. I am fitting more activity into every day and you would think I would feel like I have less time in my day but the oposite is happening. I’m feeling like I have more time every day to get more done. It’s strange but true. I am finally starting to feel that I have enough time in my day to do what I want to complete in the day.

I also noticed my first shape this week while I was driving. I noticed the car in front of had round red brake lights and right away I thought of the red circle on my goal board and the goals I have written. It’s amazing how this whole thing works.

See you next week!


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